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Hatzalah of Orlando is a volunteer first response group that provides emergency medical response 24 hours a day during the vacation seasons. This service is at no cost to all who need it, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Hatzalah of Orlando’s mission is to improve medical outcomes and save lives by enhancing existing emergency medical services in the greater Orlando area

Hatzalah of Orlando was formed to supplement pre-hospital care and develop a higher level of emergency preparedness and support to the Jewish tourists to the Orlando area by augmenting the existing services provided by the local municipality and counties.

In emergency medical situations, where every second counts, immediate emergency care can mean the difference between life and death.

Hatzalah’s role is to stabilize patients until 911 arrives and then transfer care to them. Hatzalah is not an ambulance service and will not provide transport.

Hatzalah of Orlando provides emergency medical response within defined geographical boundaries of the Greater Orlando area.


Hatzalah has saved thousands of lives in other communities because its volunteers are local and live and work in high population areas.


Hatzalah volunteers approach each call with fresh enthusiasm. They bring a sense of urgency and compassion that is unparalleled because their patients are also their friends, family and neighbors.


Hatzalah members may be called when community members hesitate to dial 911 because they are uncertain if medical attention is really necessary, or are reluctant to call because they are underinsured or uninsured. A quick assessment by a Hatzalah EMT or Paramedic may encourage the patient to seek definitive care sooner than they would have otherwise. Better medical outcomes are a usual result of faster initial care.


Hatzalah members are trained in both emergency medicine and Jewish law, with an understanding of the unique needs of the community. They are sensitive to cultural considerations and can direct patients to go to the hospital when they may not otherwise. For instance, a Hatzalah member’s explanation of the severity of a patient’s symptoms may alleviate the fear of chillul Shabbos (forsaking the sabbath) and inspire keeping the mitzvah of hatzalas nefashos (saving of life), a form of patient advocacy that can only be provided from within the community.


Over the past decade, many families from across the globe have chosen to spend their vacations in Orlando, Florida. With the numbers growing from year to year, Orlando often turns into a Heimishe metropolis and along with it, comes the need to be able to call for emergency medical assistance in the time of need.

Until recently, being that this was needed only for certain weeks of the year, logistically it was not feasible to establish a full-fledged Hatzalah organization with all the bells and whistles. However, as we are Rachmonim Bnei Rachmonim and we are so used to the Chessed we have at home, 6 years ago, a small group of 3 Hatzalah members (all from different cities) decided to organize a system to help fellow Yidden in their time of need while in the Orlando area.

With the frequency of Jewish tourists visiting Orlando, Orlando Hatzalah has expanded from being a Pesach only operation to being operational five times a year with plans to be operational ALL YEAR LONG.

Without any funds or sophisticated communication equipment, a hotline was established, along with an app that works similar to Nextel radios, for members to be able to communicate with each other. B”H, over the years Orlando Hatzalah has grown by leaps and bounds. This past Pesach alone, over ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY Hatzalah members responded to more than 200 emergency calls, in 14 resorts and 3 hotels, spanning 100 square miles, across 3 different counties.

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